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Our Campaigns

- Our current and upcoming projects -

Light Polution

Bats and how they deal with artificial light at night are at the centre of our research. We're carefully observing and digging into the complex relationship between these nocturnal creatures and the fast-evolving urban landscapes they navigate.

auckland at night.jpg
Wind Turbines


Our research delves into the complex relationship between bats and wind farms, seeking to understand how these structures impact the behaviours and habitats of these aerial wonders. By studying their flight patterns and responses to wind energy infrastructure, we strive to develop sustainable solutions that harmonise renewable energy generation with the conservation of our precious bat populations.


Scent Detection Dogs

We are actively engaged in the innovative practice of training scent detection dogs to aid in our research efforts. These remarkable canine partners are essential in locating and identifying elusive bat habitats, contributing crucial insights to our conservation strategies. Through this collaboration, we're harnessing the extraordinary olfactory abilities of dogs to unlock hidden information that strengthens our mission to protect and preserve these fascinating creatures.

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